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Corridor Kitchen Layouts in a Large and Small Home Plan

From the smallest bungalow style home to the sprawling luxury house plan, every house has a room that gathers the household together each day. It's the kitchen. The kitchen space serves a estimate of functions from house dinners to afternoon homework sessions. It is exposed to high traffic volume, and withstands daily wear and tear from many people. It is unsurprising then that the kitchen is often referred to as the heart of a home.

A space with such an foremost role requires extra attentiveness to layout and design. When it comes to planning the house kitchen, it is foremost to rejoinder the work triangle. The kitchen work triangle refers to the three major tasks completed in any kitchen. (1) Food warehouse - The main spot for food warehouse is the refrigerator. Pantry, cabinets, and shelving systems may also be pertinent depending on the space at hand. (2) Cleaning/Prep - The kitchen sink and surrounding counter space is crucial for any functional kitchen and should not be overlooked. (3) Cooking - Ovens and cooktops are the third major component in the work triangle. While other appliances now have a role in many kitchens, the range is still tops. Although distinct in every kitchen layout, the work triangle is exquisite for making a kitchen functional.

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Corridor, or galley kitchens exist where the workspaces, such as in bungalow home plans, can be separated into an equilateral triangle and two stations are placed on one wall and the third middle point is centered on the parallel wall. Small or medium sized kitchens make great use of this layout, when the kitchen space is narrow or connecting two detach spaces. The mean width of this kitchen ranges from 7 to 12 feet with optimal counter spaces of 4 to 5 feet.

It is best to place the kitchen sink at the tip of the triangle so it is surrounded by counter space on both sides while set alone on one wall. This allows room for a dishwasher while leaving under-counter cabinetry along the other wall. Though sometimes narrow, corridor kitchens eliminate great traveling length from each workstation. Many cooks like to be able to reach the sink verily from both prep and cooking areas just by turning around.

Corridor kitchens typically offer good warehouse options even though space is tight in a small home plan and designed for only one cook's presence. Appliances should be placed strategically so as to avoid traffic jams and interference when chance and end doors. Keep this in mind when choosing new appliances. For example, side-by-side refrigerators are great in normal but may not be functional in your kitchen layout.

Not as wee as the one-wall kitchen style, a corridor kitchens is uncomplicated yet extremely functional. Any house cook can verily make the most of the space available.

Corridor Kitchen Layouts in a Large and Small Home Plan

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